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Must-Haves for Your Dream Kitchen

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This is it, the moment that you have been waiting for. You saved up all that extra dough, and are ready to build your dream kitchen. There’s just one problem. There are so many choices, it can be difficult to focus and make the best decisions. Creating a dream kitchen isn’t something that you’ll want to rush, it’s a process to be savored. By taking the time to make the right decisions you will ultimately be much happier with how your kitchen turns out once it’s completed. Here is your guide to the veritable must-haves of your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is one of the most lusted after features of any kitchen. When you use a bold base and a thick, fabulous countertop, you won’t just have a conversation piece, you’ll have a point of envy. Adorn your kitchen island with a slab of marble, granite, or quartz.

A Little Lighting Goes a Long Way

Kitchens should be well-lit, but they should also have ambience. Choosing cabinets with lighting and having ceiling lights installed adds flavor to a kitchen. Every dream kitchen should have a statement light fixture that reflects the tastes of the owner.

Having lights installed under or above your cabinets can make it easier to see when in the kitchen at night without having to turn a light on. It also helps set off other statement pieces that you place in or above your cabinets.

You Don’t Need Cabinets, You Need Custom Cabinets

If you’re looking to create the kitchen of your dreams, then ordinary cabinetry just won’t do. You need custom cabinets that are tailored to your individual tastes, needs, and requirements. When it comes to custom cabinets, let your imagination run wild, they’re for your dream kitchen after all.

Palatial Appliances

The design of your kitchen is one thing, but the appliances that occupy it are another. Take the colors in your kitchen into account to decide on the best color for your appliances. For the most part, black, and chrome are the two most modern and sleek looking colors for any kitchen appliance. White appliances are also visually pleasing, but keep in mind, you will have to make more of an effort to keep them clean.

It’s also highly recommended that you seek out built-in appliances such as a built-in refrigerator as they will take up less space and add more flow to the space.

Did Someone Say Pot Filler?

A pot filler is one of the most useful features to add to your dream kitchen. It’s essentially an extendable faucet. They are typically housed above the stove and make it easy to reach far-off pots and fill them with water. You can use it to add water to anything, from the coffee pot, to a bowl of soup.

You Know What Your Dream Kitchen Needs? A Wet Bar

Have you ever dreamed of having the conveniences of a bartender when fixing drinks in the kitchen? Then you need to have a wet bar installed. Not only do they add a lot of pizzazz to your kitchen, but they also offer incredible value in terms of functionality.

If a wet bar isn’t your thing try a coffee bar instead and install a massive copper espresso machine.

Karin Ross Designs

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