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Kitchen Remodel Must-Haves for the Busy Family

busy family kitchen remodel kansas city

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If you are considering a kitchen remodel due to lack of space or just outdated design, you need to plan ahead. With a growing family, your small outdated kitchen can seem far too cramped.

With the right design, your kitchen can flow and function much better. You don’t need to gut the entire area to get the maximum space and use from it. Even lack of storage can make the kitchen seem cluttered and too busy.

Kitchen Remodel Must-Haves for the Busy Family

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your kitchen remodel. You can make a few smaller adjustments and still feel like you have a brand new kitchen.

Take Down a Wall

If you can, take out a wall or partial wall to open the space up. If you have a room next to your kitchen, like a smaller dining room, expand the kitchen to use the entire space.

The extra space will allow you to add more cabinets, more countertop space, more or bigger appliances, plus it will make it easier for more people to work and move about in the kitchen.

Add an Island

No kitchen remodel is complete without an island. It serves so many purposes. You can use it for storage, add an extra sink, and have more workspaces accessible for all four sides.

This also allows you to have extra seating, and even an extra over, a warming drawer, or even a coffee station. It is a great addition for those who like to entertain, as it can double as a buffet table where guests can access all the food from all sides.

More Storage

Who doesn’t need more storage? Your kitchen remodel should include more cabinet space, more cabinets, a larger pantry, and hidden storage. These can be slide-out storage drawers built to hold larger pots and pans, stacked spices and smaller bottles, or a lazy-susan.

If you can move out, go up. Get more height to your cabinets to increase storage that way. If you have the space above your cabinets, over the top of appliances, or any space not used, fill it up with storage.


Get your old appliances updated. Many older appliances use a lot more energy and can even make the nicest kitchens look tired and drab. Newer, smart appliances can make your life much easier.

Appliances that can be preprogrammed to start, refrigerators with ice machines and screens that allow you to see inside, and energy-efficient appliances will save you money and make life easier.

Low Maintenance

Floors and countertops that are durable, easy to clean and maintain, and scuff, stain, and damage-resistant are all great ideas for your kitchen remodel. When you have a lot of people moving about in the kitchen, things get dropped, splashed, and broken.

There are plenty of materials to choose from that can be made to resemble something far more expensive. They are a far better idea than materials that can get damaged, stained, burnt, or broken.

Kitchen Remodel Must-Haves

The best way to decide which kitchen remodel ideas will suit your busy family best, is to make a list of all the areas that are not working for you now. Sometimes, you just need a bit more space or extra storage.

Contact us here today at Karin Ross Designs for more ideas or help to find that perfect kitchen. We can help you find the best way forward and work with your idea and within your budget.

If your kitchen doesn’t work for you, call us. We can make it work.