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Kitchen Design Ideas for Families with Children

Kitchen Design Ideas for Families with Children

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Not all kitchen plans work for everyone, so if you need kitchen design ideas for families with kids, it can be confusing. You need to consider them when designing the kitchen, but also their changing needs.

It’s a wise idea to think about things that are moveable, portable, and adaptable. They won’t be small forever, so your kitchen design should be able to grow along with them.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Families with Children

Ideally, you want to create a kitchen with everyone in mind. Comfort and safety need to be considered with children, especially the younger ones.

Use Your Island

An island that you can move easily is part of the perfect kitchen design idea for families with children. It’s a place where they can sit and do crafts or homework, help with meal prep, and you can keep an eye on them.

They can use the drawers and cupboards to store the belongings that they use while sitting there. It’s the perfect easy for you to have a lot of extra storage space, as well.

It’s perfect for kids, their friends, guests, and you can use it for meals, working, storage, and if needed, roll it away when you need the floor space. A portable island allows you to move it out to access all sides or push it against the wall.

Low Maintenance Materials

Kids make messes. The perfect kitchen design for families with children needs to include materials that are easy to clean and won’t get damaged easily. No one is going to let their kids loose on a marble countertop with tomato sauce and paints.

You want to consider using materials for your countertops, floors and your cabinets that are easy to wipe down, won’t stain or get scratched, and won’t get broken or chipped when something is dropped on them.

Luckily, you can find great materials that look just like marble, wood, or other more expensive and porous materials for a fraction of the cost. These will last until their kids come to visit.

Floor Plan

Kids need a bit of space to run, walk, or crawl. If you are trying to cook and clean, you don’t want them under your feet. Having wide-open spaces gives them room to be in the kitchen with you, but still have their own space.

Having enough space to set up a place for them to play or put a playpen in the room with you while you work is a great way to utilize your open floor plan. Maybe you can even set up their workstation so they feel like they are helping you out.

Cabinet Handles

With all the beautiful drawer and cabinet handles and pulls available, keep in mind these are removable. With little ones in the house, find round pulls that won’t cause injury if little heads or hands are bumping into them.

They may be easier for kids to open but less dangerous. Get stoppers on your drawers or a lock where the sharp items are kept just in case they manage to pull the drawer out.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Families with Children

Your kids won’t be kids forever, so enjoy them rather than worrying about stains or messes. You can still have a gorgeous kitchen and still keep it kid-friendly. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us here at Karin Ross Design.

We can help you find the perfect balance for adults and kids for your new kitchen design for families with children.