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How to Renovate Your Kitchen to Boost Entertaining

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Everyone always seems to gather in the kitchen. Our kitchens are the heart of our homes and so why wouldn’t people want to hang out there? If your kitchen feels cramped or awkward to move around in, you need to consider a renovation. Family gatherings or a fancy dinner party requires the right amount of space and atmosphere. Get the perfect kitchen for entertaining and living. Here are a few ideas to help your kitchen be party central!

Open it Up

Find ways to open the space up. Perhaps you can take out a wall that separates another room and extend the kitchen further. If you open up the kitchen and let it extend to the dining room or living room, you can get a lot more people in.

Extending the kitchen lets you join another room and really open up space. It will allow you to add more seating and it gives people room to move about, talk, and mingle.

An open floor plan will make all the difference for entertaining or just making your kitchen function better. It can make the kitchen seem a lot bigger, as well, when there is enough space to move around.

Think Cabinets

Are your cabinets taking up too much space? Maybe they can be loved back or higher up? Perhaps custom-designed cabinets would still allow you the storage you need but also give you more counter space.

Maybe some open shelving would work well in your space for a few items you want easy access to, like extra glasses, plates, or mugs. Then, people can see where things are and not go digging through your cabinets.

You can also consider a walk-in pantry. This will allow you much more space for storage all in one area. Depending on the size, you can use it for food preparation, coffee bar and so much more.

Add an Island

An island can be used as a table, for cooking, for washing and for socializing. It gives you space on four sides and you can move your table to the dining room.

Make your island functional. Include a sink, underneath storage, and give it plenty of space for seating. High chairs or stools don’t take up much space but allow more people to get together around and socialize.

Extend Outdoors

Perhaps you can open your kitchen up to extend outside. If you already have a deck, open the area to include the outdoor space. Add more seating, and install wider doors that either slide open or french doors that can open up to include both inside and out.

It’s easy to include a cooking area, a wet bar, and plenty of seating. Maybe think about covering it so you can use it even when the weather won’t cooperate. Include a small fridge, too, to save walking back to the kitchen.

Modern Appliances

If you have large appliances, consider getting something more suitable. Get a cooktop and install an over or two in the wall. A refrigerator with easy access, ice maker, and wine cooler makes your job as a host much easier.

Karin Ross Designs

A custom-designed kitchen that boosts entertaining means you get exactly what you want. We can work with you to make your kitchen dreams come true. We can help you find exactly what will work best in your home.

Do you have some ideas?  Contact us and we can talk about them with you. If you don’t, take a look here and get inspired. We can take your kitchen to the place you want it to be.