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How to Prepare Your Home for a Kitchen Remodel

prepare your home for a kitchen remodel

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When it is time to prepare your home for a kitchen remodel, you must cover all your bases before starting the project, or you could get upset very quickly.

There are many different things to consider, like whether you will have a stand-in kitchen or eat out all the time and do you have kids or pets that you will need to keep out of the kitchen.

We want to help you prepare for your kitchen remodel to the best of your ability.

Prepare Your Home for a Kitchen Remodel

Before preparing your kitchen for a remodel, you should prepare or consider how you will prep areas of your home during the project.

Dining In or Out

Whether you are consistently dining in or out, designating a new area as a temporary kitchen is in your best interest.

This area should host necessities like a microwave, coffee brewer, and toaster. If you can also move your refrigerator to this area, your life will be even better. Otherwise, invest or borrow a minifridge or freezer.

Additionally, try to keep non-perishable food items in this area for snacks and pieces of meals.

Based on the appliances you have available to you, plan your meals. If you only have a microwave, you should not intend to make something that needs a waffle iron or oven to cook/bake.

You will likely not have access to your kitchen sink, so you should stock up on recyclable or biodegradable plates, napkins, utensils, and cups.

Younger Kids or Pets

During the renovation, your home will likely not be child-proof, so you want to ensure your children know where they can or can not go. If they are too young to understand this or you have pets, consider using a baby gate or other means to keep them from entering the area.

If possible, take your kids and pets to a sitter or daycare during the renovations to ensure they do not enter the work zone, get hurt, or get frightened by loud noises.

Prepare Your Kitchen for a Remodel

Now that we have discussed what to do throughout your home before a kitchen project, let’s talk about what to do in your kitchen before the remodel.

  • Take everything off your countertops and floors.
  • Remove any pictures and decorations from the walls and refrigerator.
  • Wrap your utensils in plastic wrap or put them in plastic bags. Put knives in containers to prevent injury.
  • Pack anything you do not need in boxes or garbage bags.
  • Move your essential items and food to your temporary kitchen, but store the rest in a container or elsewhere.

Prepare to Install Cabinets

  • You will need to do the steps above, and you will also need to unload all the cabinets.
  • If you need any items, put these in the temporary kitchen and temporary pantry area. Anything you do not need, pack it up.
  • You could pack away your spices, canned fruits, vegetables, and soups or move these to a temporary location.
  • Pack away your dishware in boxes with newspaper between the items to prevent breakage.
  • Remove any decorations on top of cabinets, and box these up.

The Secret to Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

Planning and preparing is the most important thing you can do before a remodel. Plan your meals, box everything up, prepare your temporary kitchen and pantry, and prepare for setbacks.

If possible, take a vacation during the remodel. You will decompress and relax while the contractors make loud noises and are in your space. This can be very stressful for anyone or anything in the house. So, leave during the taxing time.

Let Us Help You Prepare Your Home for a Kitchen Remodel

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