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How to Maximize Storage in a Small Kitchen

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Kitchens are a point of pride for many homeowners. These spaces are the subject of much investment as people make updates to beautify their kitchens. Aesthetics, and space, are two of the most important aspects of any kitchen. Some kitchens are visually gorgeous, but have very little space. Here are some helpful tips for those who have small kitchens and would like to have the best of both worlds.

Replace Your Cabinets

One trick that you can use to try to generate more space is to replace your cabinets with a set that features a more space-centric design. Cabinet designs play a big role in how much space you can get out of your kitchen. Having compartments is typically preferable to having drawers as you can stack more things on top of each other. The number of dividers is a big factor as they can limit the amount of space that your cabinets ultimately have.

Cabinet dividers can make it impossible to fit objects of certain heights, widths, and shapes. You should also take the degree of structural support that they provide into account. Loading a cabinet with flimsy dividers can overwhelm the cabinet with weight, causing it to fall down unexpectedly.

Have Smaller Appliances Installed

Struggling with the cumbersome size of your appliances is always one of the worst inconveniences of having a small kitchen. Luckily, leading brands like Viking and Bertazzoni make small-space models that are every bit as powerful as their full-sized counterparts. Replacing your appliances with space saving models is a savvy way to save space in the kitchen.

With smaller appliances, you’ll have more room to work in the kitchen, as well as more room to just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, or wine.

Buy a Freezer and Install a Pantry in the Basement

If you’re struggling to find space in your small kitchen, try buying a freezer chest for the basement. You can store more food in the freezer and save space in the kitchen. Installing some pantry cupboards in the basement is also a good idea, as long as your basement is relatively dry. Ultimately, the more that you can store elsewhere in the house, the less you’ll struggle with the limited space of your kitchen.

Knock Down a Wall, Unless it’s a Load Bearing Wall

Another great way to add space to your kitchen is to create it, by taking down an extra wall. Some kitchens won’t have an extra wall to knock down, but remember, there are always options. Talk with a contractor that you can trust and have them go over your kitchen to recommend any improvements that could be made to create more space for you.

Hire a Contractor

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen or making spatial modifications, DIY is not an option. It’s imperative that you seek out a reliable professional contractor that can get the job done right. A kitchen is a masterpiece in the making.

Remember, if you need to remodel your kitchen, do yourself a favor by not doing it yourself.

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