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A Kansas City Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Sink

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We all love our kitchens and we want them to be as perfect as possible. The kitchen is where we spend time with family, preparing meals. It’s the room that we stumble into in the early hours of the morning to get a cup of coffee as fresh sunlight blasts through the window. One of the most vital features of any kitchen is the sink. Your kitchen sink should be an expression of your personal taste. It must also be functional and add value to the kitchen. Here is a guide to help homeowners make the best decision when choosing the perfect kitchen sink.

Kitchen Material & Style

When it comes to the style of a kitchen sink, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Do you want something simple, functional, and clean, like a stainless steel sink with no frills? Perhaps you would be more interested in exploring the many types of stone sinks on the market instead? Whatever your preference, there’s a style out there that will both fit and reflect your personality and good taste.

While a certain sink might look amazing, it might not necessarily be the right sink for you. Remember to take other practical considerations into account when shopping for the perfect sink. Do you have a large family or do you tend to generate a lot of dirty dishes on a daily basis? IF so, then you could benefit from a sink that is on the larger end. If you don’t leave yourself enough space to accommodate dirty dishes in between cleaning them, they can start piling up in undesirable places, like all over the counter.

Another big decision that you will have to make when choosing a sink for your kitchen is whether you want an undermount or an overmount. Here’s a quick breakdown of these two styles.

Undermount: An undermount sink is one in which the countertop wraps around the exterior of the sink. They are regarded as visually pleasing as the flow of the countertop is more continuous.

Overmount: An overmount is a sink with edges that extend over the countertop. The flat edges and corners of the sink are perched upon the counter, extending the sink’s amount of surface space. They are also referred to as drop-in sinks as they are quite literally “dropped” into a hole that’s been cut in the countertop. These types of sinks sometimes feature a spot to place a sponge or cloth so that it’s always within reach.

Whichever style of sink that you choose, make sure it’s installed professionally. Undermount sinks are especially dangerous to install by yourself. That’s because great care must be taken to ensure that the edges of the countertop will not leak or become damaged by bearing the weight of the sink.

Copper: copper is one of the most beautiful materials to use for a sink. It’s also one of the easiest to keep clean because of the fact that copper has a natural ability to kill 99% of germs. Just make sure that you use the right cleaning products and are gentle on it as copper is a material that is easily marred.

Stainless Steel: stainless steel is one of the most popular options when it comes to material for a kitchen sink. They are sleek, thrifty, and easy to clean. Some folks find that stainless steel sinks are quite loud when tossing silverware into them. You can offset the noise by opting for a thicker cut of steel.

Cast Iron: cast iron sinks are exceptionally durable and highly resistant to stains. They also sport a charming vintage look. Keep in mind, if the sink gets chipped, the underlying material can start to rust.

Get Help with Your Kansas City Kitchen

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