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Essential Elements to Include in Your Kansas City Kitchen Remodel

kansas city kitchen remodel

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Before beginning your Kansas City kitchen remodel, there are six essential elements that you should consider implementing before it is too late.

Whether you have a personal chef or you are the personal chef, the design and flow of your kitchen are vital to your happiness when cooking, eating, or looking at the space.

Layout and Flow of Your Kansas City Kitchen Remodel

When designing your brand-new kitchen, you must consider how you want the area to flow from one space to another. Talking to a professional designer can be very beneficial during this stage because they can offer valuable advice on the best kitchen layouts.

For example, do you want to be able to congregate in your kitchen, or will there be a separate place for dining, like an island or live edge table? You could have an island with a stove or sink built into it or an island specific for dining. These are all things to think about when beginning your kitchen design.

Your dining area and kitchen should complement each other and be close together. You do not want to carry multiple dishes through three rooms to reach your dining area. These two spaces should feel or be connected.

If you are unaware of the kitchen work triangle, you should further consider discussing or hiring a professional designer for your kitchen renovation.


Similar to your kitchen layout, you will want to consider your kitchen’s floor plan and flooring. It is recommended that your kitchen have an open floor plan. This will help with your kitchen’s flow and not section off any areas.

Consider the type of flooring you want, like concrete, stone, or tile, that could implement underfloor heating. You do not want to decide you want floor heating, and it is too late. So, it is best to fully design and discuss your kitchen remodel before beginning the renovation.

Storage and Hardware

Storage and hardware are essential elements to consider while planning your kitchen remodel. Countertops, cabinets, drawers, and pantries are considered storage spaces. Do you want your countertops to be able to host appliances, prepare and cook food, and any other space for eating and socializing?

You must also figure out how many cabinets and drawers you want and what type and style they are. These will impact the aesthetic of your kitchen and create more storage space for you. Do you want large, versatile drawers or floating or built-in shelving?

As for the hardware in your kitchen, will you prefer to have gold, matte black, brass, copper, or another form of hardware style throughout your kitchen? These can be used as your cabinet and drawer handles to support the ambiance throughout your kitchen. Hardware is used to elevate your kitchen and display your personality.

There are many things to consider regarding storage and hardware alone, so hiring a professional could be in your best interest.

Lighting and Appliances

One important thing to note about your kitchen lighting is how much natural lighting your kitchen already receives. If you have many large windows that receive much daylight, you may not need many strong lights; however, if you do not have many windows, you may want to consider more vital lighting to perform detailed-oriented tasks.

You want to have lighting for cooking but also have accent and decorative lighting, if possible, to fully support the ambiance of your kitchen. For example, you could have a chandelier above a seating island or ambient lighting under the cabinets. Using multiple lighting layers will allow you to use as many lights as needed.

Additionally, any or the number of appliances on your counters and in the kitchen will impact your kitchen’s look. Try to have matching appliances that are the same color because it will convey balance and organization.

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