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Common Renovation Delays & How to Be Prepared for Them

renovation delays kansas city

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Renovation projects can be extremely exciting, they can even be something of an adventure. Like any project, however, there can be occasional delays. By looking at some of the most common renovation delays and familiarizing yourself with them, you can save yourself a lot of trouble down the road. Renovation delays happen, it’s inevitable, but when you know what kinds of delays to expect, you can work around them.

The Weather Can Be a Tether

When it comes to remodeling projects one of the biggest factors that can cause a potential delay is the weather. Changes in the weather are notorious for setting remodeling projects back for a few days or even as long as a week. Of course, it all depends on where you live. If you hang your hat in a dry warm state like Arizona the weather won’t be able to cause as many problems with your remodeling project.

If you live in a state like Missouri however, the weather will certainly have an impact on your remodeling project. For the most part, these delays can be factored in so that you won’t lose much time in the long run and progress can continue at a steady pace. The remodeling experts at Karin Ross Designs know how to work around the weather and just about any type of delay that you could think of.

We plan strategically and we plan ahead so that our clients don’t have any headaches. A remodeling project should be an exciting and enjoyable experience without having to worry about problems the entire time.

Lead Times, Why You Should Select Your Materials Ahead of Time

Some of the most frustrating delays involve delays with materials. Without the right material, your remodeling crew can’t do much. The further material orders are set back the farther your remodeling project will be set back as a whole.

Lead time refers to the amount of time between the point where a customer orders material and when the remodeling crew receives it.

Some contractors will ask you to select all of the materials like tile, cabinetry, etc. you should be prepared to make your selections ahead of time as this is generally considered to be a good strategy. By asking you to make your selections early your contractor can avoid unwelcome delays in ordering your material.

Pesky Permits

Again, the place you hang your hat has a tremendous impact on what type of delays your remodeling project may encounter. Depending on where you live you may have to apply for various permits to allow the construction to move forward.

At Karin Ross Designs we do our due diligence and ensure that customers apply for the necessary permits ahead of time so that their projects can move forward without delay. If you wait until the last minute to apply for a permit it could set the whole project back weeks or even months. If you live outside of town or in the country you shouldn’t have many problems, but if you live in city limits, you’re probably going to need some permits for your project.

As a final tip, remember that anything can come up during a remodeling project. For example, your home could have previously undiscovered issues that can cause renovation delays. Whatever the issue, you can overcome it by working with experienced and talented remodeling teams like Karin Ross Design.

Karin Ross Designs

At Karin Ross we put you in control, it’s your remodeling project, your dream, your vision, and we pride ourselves in helping our customers turn those dreams into realities. Come what may we will help you conquer and overcome any potential delays until your remodeling project is perfect and complete.

If you want your remodel done both right and on time, you want Karin Ross, call today!