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Backsplash Advice for Your Kansas City Kitchen Remodel

backsplash advice kansas city

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Too many people don’t give enough thought to their backsplash and that’s why you need good backsplash advice. But, it’s also not something you want to take too seriously, either.

Its main purpose is to protect your walls from grease, stains, and heat. You don’t want to spend too much money on your backsplash, but you don’t want to settle, either.

Backsplash Advice for Your Kansas City Kitchen Remodel

Make a note to ask for backsplash advice when you are making plans to remodel your kitchen. It can really make a big difference to your new look.

Function over Fashion

While you want the backsplash to look nice, you need to remember what is there to do. It is there to protect the walls. You want to choose a material that can be cared for easily.

Pick a material that is versatile, is available in many colors and styles, and is something that won’t break the budget. Ceramic or recycled glass tiles won’t stain, are resilient to heat, and are not going to be very expensive.


Some backsplash advice you may miss is that you don’t need to match the colors to the rest of the kitchen. Adding the same color of backsplash as the countertops, walls, and the rest cause everything to run together.

Get bold with the backsplash. Get a pattern or tiles with designs that match a color scheme in your kitchen, go a shade or two darker than your countertop, or floor.

You can also use a variety of the same shade. If you are looking at light brown, use a variation of browns to give the space texture and depth. Using light to dark colors that are in your kitchen will make it all stand out.

Tile Size

You can opt for small tiles or very large ones that cover the whole space. Integrated tiles make the backsplash look like one large piece of stone, ceramic, or wood.

This keeps everything smooth and flowing. You can use a solid color or choose a pattern and color that will stand out and give your kitchen a great, clean sophisticated look.

You can also mix larger tiles with smaller ones. Depending on where they are going, mixing different sizes can add a lot of texture and draw the eye to different focal points.

Tile Shapes

Some backsplash advice not everyone will give you is to go for a different shape. Tiles are commonly square but they can be turned on their side to be diamond.

There are different shaped tiles, oblong, round, or the mosaic of broken tiles of various styles, colors, and designs all mixed together. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous, as your backsplash isn’t often your entire wall. It’s a smaller space you can have fun with.

Good Grout

Your tiles are only as good as the grout holding them in place. The best backsplash advice is to not skimp on the grouting. You want the type of grout that will stay in place and hold your tiles where they are for many years to come.

Backsplash Advice for Your Kansas City Kitchen Remodel

If you don’t know where to start or what you should do, get some great backsplash advice from Karin Ross Design. Too often, people make the wrong choice about their backsplash.

The backsplash is an important part of your entire kitchen design. Don’t let it get lost by matching it to the countertop, give it some power to stand out, and bring your whole kitchen together.