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Are You Renovating Your Kitchen this Fall? Consider these Trends

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Chances are if you are like most people you have been spending a lot of time in your kitchens lately. And, like many of us, you are tired of looking at your tired old wallpaper, appliance, floors, or chipped countertops. What better way to make you and your family feel better than renovating your kitchen this fall? Get some new color and new cupboards in and jazz the whole thing up.

What’s In for Fall?

There are always styles and trends in design every year, if not every season. You should use the as a guide only and try to come up with your own touches to reflect your ideas, your personality, and the things that make you happiest.

Smart Kitchens

Saving time and energy are always at the forefront of many designs these days and so they should be. This means appliances that use less energy, utilizing renewable sources for energy, and smart, programmable appliances.

Programmable appliances and fixtures that can be connected to the internet can be controlled remotely. Set up your dinner and put it in the oven before you leave for work and return home to a cooked meal.

Have lights turn on before you arrive to welcome you home and consider solar or other renewable resources to help save and cut back on your energy consumption.

Wall Storage

Rather than just put in more or bigger cabinets, consider floor to ceiling wall storage units. Have all your storage in one place and use the rest of the space for smaller cabinets.

You can incorporate these with pull-out or pull-down shelving or drawers, which allow you to utilize your space much more efficiently. They look great and tend to blend in without taking away from other highlights of your kitchen.

Softer Tones

Perhaps we have missed the great outdoors this year, but it seems people will be opting for warmer, more natural tomes for their kitchens. Grays, browns, greens, and beiges will be making an appearance.

They are a good choice as they all tend to go together very well with each other. Two-toned cabinets are always in style and consider a few other natural colors like blue or darker tones of hat you are already using. These are very calming and easy to work around.

Over-sized Pantries

If you have ever watched an episode of Master Chef, you know how dreamy those panties are! Full of fruits, vegetables, and other dried goods, who wouldn’t want to run through there?

It seems plenty of people are loving that and incorporating them in their own kitchens. Large open cabinets, stacking shelves and slanted spaces to hold produce and more.

They make it much easier to organize, access your produce and know how much you have all the time. Keep all your dry goods together, your produce that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and all the tools you need nearby.

Natural Materials

From natural wood for the cabinets to marble on the counters, some classic looks will always be in style. There will always be some styles that never get old, however, it really comes down to taste.

If you like a particular style, then you shouldn’t worry that it isn’t on a ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ list.

It is your kitchen and you should have what you want. Look at what is popular this fall as these may be less expensive to get. But add your own style and personality to whatever you decide to do.

Why not call us up today at Karin Ross Designs for a consultation this fall. We have many design choices for traditional and trending kitchen designs.