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6 Reasons Quartz Countertops are an Excellent Choice

quartz countertops kansas city

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Picking out the right countertops can be daunting, so why not choose quartz countertops? There are so many options available, but with their own pros and cons.

Quartz is a very popular choice and for good reason. It’s versatile and very durable. There are plenty of reasons you should choose quartz for your new countertops.

6 Reasons Quartz Countertops are an Excellent Choice

With so many options available, and so many different types of material, you may wonder why quartz countertops are so popular.

1. Durability

These countertops are hard, perfect for working on, and will last for many years to come. They are not invincible, but they will withstand a lot. They won’t crack or break like many other types of materials will.

They also will not stain or collect bacteria, as they are not porous as other countertop options are. That means they stay looking great for many years and require little care.

2. Low Maintenance

You don’t need to treat it or cat it with anything, you don’t need yearly checks or an application of protective cover. It also doesn’t require anything to keep it clean.

Just wiping it down with your wet cloth and wiping up spills will keep it looking just like new. Quartz countertops won’t soak up liquids that will stain, so you can wipe them up and not worry.

3. Low Cost

Remodeling your kitchen is an expensive endeavor. One of the more appealing reasons people choose quartz for their countertops is that it is one of the least expensive options.

This, and the fact that it will last a long time, and needs very little maintenance or repair makes it one of the most economical materials available. It offers one of the best values over time out of any other material.

4. Unlimited Options

Quartz is manufactured which means you can order yours to be a certain color or have a particular design or pattern. Imagine having the countertops you love that no one else will have.

They can be made to look like other materials. If you want marble or granite, you can have your quartz countertops made to look exactly like any other material you desire.

You can also have them designed to fit perfectly in your kitchen, so if you have an awkward space that you need to work with, the quartz can be shaped to fit. Round edges, tapered ends, or anything you need.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Quartz is made from a natural mineral, quartz, and resins to make them hard, durable, and hold them together. They are naturally and locally sourced, wherever you are getting them, and quartz is plentiful.

Because it is local and the countertops last a long time without needing any extra maintenance, the impact on the environment is fairly minimal. Because quartz is available everywhere, it makes it very sustainable.

6. Beautiful Countertops

You are guaranteed to have the perfect countertops that you want. Because of their flexibility and the wide range of options, it is possible to have beautiful and unique countertops for your kitchen.

Quartz Countertops

Our kitchens are a busy place. Why not get beautiful countertops that will last, look great, and not get damaged. You don’t have to have expensive countertops for them to look expensive.

Contact us here at Karin Ross Designs and we can help you find the perfect quartz countertops for your new kitchen. Find out why quartz is the more popular choice for countertops. Get the best countertops you can without breaking your budget.