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5 Considerations When Choosing Hardware for Your Kitchen Remodel

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When you are planning your kitchen remodel, we tend to think about all the bigger things we need to worry about and choosing hardware. Wall color, appliances, tiles for walls and floors, but what about your smaller items?

The little things like your cabinet and drawer pulls and knobs play a big role in the remodel, as well. They can bring the whole thing together, add the perfect finishing touches, and actually make your kitchen function much better.

Choosing Your Kitchen Hardware

When it comes to choosing the right hardware, don’t leave it until the last minute. Take some time to look over what is available, thinking about their look and purpose.


Regardless of how much you love some of the hardware, you need to consider your budget. The price of the pulls and knobs depends on their design, size, and their finish.

Keep in kind you want them to look great and you want them to last. Don’t save money and then be disappointed due to cheap material and breakage. They are meant to be functional but also an accent to the rest of the kitchen.

Ease of Use

While how the handles look is important, they need to be functional, as well. They should be easy to grab, comfortable in your hand, and not be too big or too small.

You also don’t want them to jut out too far, as you will catch your clothing on them. You may also bump your head on them, or simply be awkward to grab. Mind the sharp or pointed edges, as they can cause injuries.

Pulls or Knobs

Here is another decision that will come down to personal preference. Knobs are less expensive than pulls but pulls tend to be easier to use. Unless the pulls are smaller and too close to the surface.

Many people choose to use knobs on cabinets and pulls on drawers. It breaks it up, looks very nice and can make it more convenient for use. It will come down to your own preference.

It’s not a bad idea to buy extra, just in case you change your mind later and they are no longer available. Easier to replace a few than all of them.


These work as accents on your cabinets and drawers, and therefore, should be the same color or finish. There are several options to choose from when it comes to the finish, chrome, brushed nickel, brass, and many colors.

They should complement your cabinets. If your cabinets are in warm tones, think about using black, bronze, or gold for the handles and hinges. You can pick different types and different styles but keep the finish consistent.


Round, square, patterned, plain, there are many choices you will be facing. Try to match them up with the style and feel of your new kitchen. If your countertops, lighting fixtures, or cabinet styles are rounded, consider rounded handles, as well.

Cabinets and countertops that are curved are considered rounded, and that would suit a rounded or curved handle as well. solid, flat or cabinet doors with square panels or windows are better with matching handles.

Ask The Pros

Most of us have used cabinet and drawer handles before, so we usually know more about what we don’t want. But you should consult with your interior designer for ideas about what looks best with the style of kitchen you are going with.

Contact Karin Ross Designs to get a better idea of what type of handles and hinges are available for your new kitchen renovation.