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How to Find an Interior Designer That’s Right for You

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You made the decision. You’re ready to design your home or office. Maybe you’re ready for a complete kitchen remodel. You’re not ready to design your space yourself. Good. It’s the perfect opportunity to hire an interior designer who will make your kitchen or any space the place of your dreams. 

An interior designer is responsible for creating a design, then making that design reality. In other words, they do all the hard work of making your kitchen design or any other space look great. The tough part about hiring an interior decorator is finding the right person for the task.

Understand the Billing Design Basics

The basic billing methods for an interior designer are free, hourly, and flat fee. You may have looked twice at the first billing method, free. It sounds irresistible. However, it’s important to understand that those designers offering their services for free are usually manufacturer representatives. They push certain products like countertops

Let’s skip over hourly for just a moment to discuss a flat-free. A flat-fee decorator is one who is paid a specific amount to decorate your space. There is one important thing to understand about a flat-free interior designer. They are usually design professionals who assume the role of your buying agent. This means they may provide you with a selection of products that they receive a commission. Thus, they are paid twice. You pay them a flat-free and they also receive a commission for you buying the products they also sell. 

Many people will contact an interior designer who works hourly. The pay per hour will vary depending on their experience, design, and level of service. Hiring an interior decorator on an hourly basis means that either you or the designer can end the contract at any time. However, with a flat-fee interior decorator, you’re required to pay them for the entire job. This means that they are paid even if they don’t finish the job for some reason. Ask a friend, family, and coworkers for recommendations and conduct research. 

The first thing you want to do is ask the people you know for recommendations about interior decorators. This will give you a good list of designers. However, you also want to do your own research. Search online for designers in your local area with the background and experience in redesign. For example, you don’t want a designer who specializes in office interior design when you want your kitchen remodeled.

Narrow the Names the Interior Designers on Your List

Once you have a list, narrow it down to three or four. The way to do this is to search for information and testimonials online about the designer’s work and how they worked with clients. You also want to look for editors within trade publications and feedback about each designer. After you’ve narrowed down your list, contact the remaining decorators.

Show Them Space You Want To Be Decorated

Spend time walking each prospective interior decorator through space you want to be decorated. Let them know what you like and dislike about the kitchen or room. Listen to what the designers suggest for the area regarding lighting, counters, and appliances. Be sure to discuss the billing method you prefer with each prospective interior decorator. Although you may discuss prices on the phone, you still want to take the time to specify your preferred billing method.

Understand When the Work Situation Begins

An hourly interior decorator usually bills for the first consultation. They may also charge you for shopping for samples such as paint, fixtures, and fabric. Regardless of how your interior designer bills you, make sure that both of you have a system for sharing and acknowledging work requests. For example, make sure you sign any change-order request form. In addition to signing it, write the date on it. If no printable form exists, create one. This will help keep the costs down and lessen the risk of problems later.

Finding a Good Interior Designer is Worth the Time

Working with an interior designer who’s right for you will save you months of doing hard work like hunting down product samples. It will also prevent you from some potentially messy mistakes that people who are designing by themselves often make. Take your time finding an interior designer. You want someone who has the experience decorating or remodeling a kitchen or another space. You also want an interior decorator who can take your ideas and make them into reality.