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Designing Your Dream Home: The Role of an Interior Designer

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It isn’t uncommon for people to be uncertain about the role of an interior designer. It is often perceived that interior designers make multiple suggestions regarding a remodel that will exceed a client’s budget. Additionally, there’s some misunderstanding regarding the roles of a decorator, architect and designer.

Here, readers can finally clear up any confusion they may have about this professional and misconceptions they may have heard in the past.

The Interior Designer’s Role  

An interior designer, just as the name implies, works on the interior of your home or structure. They are interior specialists who are interested in space planning and all the details related to the interior. Hiring an interior designer at the beginning of build is beneficial, as they can help plan out everything from cabinet and lighting placement, to trim and even placement of houseplants.

However, interior designers can be beneficial at any point in a home’s (or other buildings) life. Their ultimate goal is to work with the available space to design, supply and even coordinate the equipment, fittings and furniture used within.

Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator

While a person can be both an interior designer and an interior decorator, you should listen to these titles carefully, as they may be important to your project.

The main way an interior decorator differs from an interior designer is that they are usually more interested in the furnishing and decoration in a home. While an interior designer does this too, they often take on a larger role in the actual construction of the home from the very beginning.

Advantages of Using the Services of a Professional Interior Designer

The primary advantage of using the services of a professional interior designer is to avoid making costly mistakes. After all, you hire an architect to provide you with the house you have always wanted – why wouldn’t you hire the same level of professionalism when it comes to your home’s interior?

Thanks to modern technology, today, interior designers are able to produce computer aided designs and visuals that allow you to “see” your space and approve all the details before any work is done. The designer will also provide you sample boards, letting you approve all the finishes and fabrics before any work is done.

Tips for Working with an Interior Designer

One of the first things any quality interior designer will do is sit down with their client and take detailed briefs on what the client wants and what they are trying to achieve with their space. Some may even request images or pictures of things they like and things they dislike as a type of guide.

Be as open and honest as possible about your plans for the space and what you want. This will help your interior designer create that space you have imagined in your mind.

As you can see, interior designers are invaluable when trying to transform the interior of your home, business or other building. Knowing what they have to offer can help you see why their services will be nothing but positive when working toward the goal you have for your interiors.