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5 Questions to Ask a Kansas City Interior Designer Before Getting Started

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If you are thinking about hiring a Kansas City interior designer, it might not be as easy as you think. There are going to be people who don’t share your same tastes and many more who consider it their project, not yours.

This is your renovation and it should reflect you and your personality. Not the designers. That’s why it is important to talk to a few of them before you hire them, and make sure they are the right one for you.

5 Questions to Ask a Kansas City Interior Designer Before Getting Started

 You should start by getting recommendations from people you know and whose recent renovations you really like. That will save you some time. You can also check out local Kansas City interior designers online and see what they have done in the past.

1. Ask to See Samples

Of course, you will have seen their work on their website, but ask to see more. They can’t post every job they have done, so ask for their portfolio. They should be happy to show it to you.

Ask about the ones you like best if there are any. This should give you a good idea if they will be able to do your renovation in the way that you want it done. There should be a lot of variety.

2. Budget

Interior designers are not cheap. This is a big undertaking, so you want to discuss your budget. Let them know how much you want to spend and if they can stay within that frame.

Also, ask how they charge. You will be paying for materials, but find out if they charge a flat rate, an hourly rate, and if there are extras, like travel, consultant fees, and also ask if there are discounts or other deals available.

3. Can They Make Your Vision a Reality?

It’s really important that the Kansas City interior designer can do the job the way you want it. Sometimes, people get what their designer likes and it has nothing to do with your plans, at all.

That’s why it is vital that you see as many samples of their past work as possible. If it all looks the same, chances are that is exactly what your home will look like, as well.

4. Can They Do The Work on Your Budget?

An experienced Kansas City interior designer will be able to tell you if your budget is enough for what you want long before they get started. There will almost always be incidentals, but they should be able to stay within the proposed budget or let you know before they agree to do the work.

5. How Long Will it Take?

Once you have your plans in place, the interior designer should be able to tell you how long it will take. It will depend on what you are having done, but they should know how long it will take them.

They may have other commitments they need to fulfill, so ask what happens if they fall behind, don’t have the material in place, or any other delays or snags that can crop up.

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You will likely have plenty of your own questions you want to ask, and that’s good. You want to make sure everything is in place and understood before you sign a contract with them.

Contact Karin Ross Design with any questions you have or for some great ideas about what to do with your next interior design project. Let us make your vision come to life!