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What are the Best Flooring Options for a Kitchen?

Best Flooring Options for a Kitchen

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If you’re searching for the best flooring options for a kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. Karin Ross Designs dedicates a significant portion of our time to replacing and renovating damaged floors, especially in the kitchen. You don’t have to endure all the cracks, grooves, and scratches any longer. Let us show you how to revolutionize that area with brand new flooring.

Determining the Best Flooring Options for a Kitchen

Even the best floors will wear out over time, and this is especially true in the kitchen where they take a beating from spills and heavy foot traffic. You should consider replacing your kitchen floors if you encounter any of these problems:

  1. The floor has suffered water damage.
  2. You notice lots of chips, cracks, buckling, or sagging.
  3. Your family has small children who spill things often.
  4. You want something more slip resistant for toddlers or elderly relatives.
  5. You want to replace a boring or unfashionable style.

These are common reasons our clients in Kansas City cite for wanting to replace their floors. Now, let’s look at our three favorite flooring styles.

Elegant Flooring Options Anywhere Around The Home

Fortunately, for flooring, you can do things differently in each room, or establish continuity throughout the entire home. Therefore, if you choose one of these elegant flooring styles for your kitchen, they can also work well in other places.

  • Hardwood
    Hardwood looks great anywhere, including in the kitchen. One of the best parts is that you can tailor it to fit a variety of conditions and preferences. It comes in darker or lighter shades that can complement your countertops, cabinets, and dining room decor. This is also great if you have several windows in your kitchen/dining area because then you can opt for a lighter-colored wood that won’t fade from UV rays.
  • Vinyl
    Older vinyl options may have left a little to be desired, but this material is much sturdier than it once was. It also has way more design options while remaining the best budget-friendly installation. Another advantage for vinyl is its resistance to water issues like warping.
  • Ceramic Tile
    Ceramic is durable, cost-effective, and offers plenty of style and pattern options. Some of our clients also appreciate this environmentally friendly material. These usually take less time to install. Plus, they’re fire-resistant and pretty low maintenance.

Hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic are the best flooring options you’ll find in Kansas City homes. Never forget that kitchen design is a fully collaborative project. A good floor should complement your other fixtures and match your intended mood or ambiance.

Get Help With This Difficult Project

Re-flooring your home is sort of DIY-friendly, but homeowners usually get significantly better results using a professional flooring service. Plus, it saves you a lot of back-breaking labor from this very physical installation process.

We’ve heard a lot of horror stories about folks trying to install flooring themselves. This happens often when you select cheaper materials like laminate flooring. It’s easy to make mistakes and get stuck with a slippery floor that fades faster, feels bouncy or uneven, or doesn’t have proper finishing.

Karin Ross Designs Can Help You With The Best Flooring Options for a Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most enjoyable experiences, especially when you see the gorgeous final result. You’ll think you’re in a brand-new home. This is even true for the flooring.

Karin Ross Designs is the 2021 winner of the Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Style Maker of the Year. That’s a huge testament to our creative reputation, but we also pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction for floors, kitchens, bathrooms, and all other interior design projects.

Learn more about the best flooring options for a kitchen by contacting us soon for thorough and reliable home remodeling services.