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Top 3 Elegant Flooring Options for Your Kansas City Home

Elegant Flooring Options kansas city

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We may not think much about our floors but there are plenty of elegant flooring options for your entire home. But there are a lot of great choices for every room in the house.

If you are looking to replace some old stained linoleum, then you will be pleasantly surprised by all the flooring types available. Find beautiful, durable, and affordable flooring.

Top 3 Elegant Flooring Options for Your Kansas City Home

While there are certainly more than three options available, these are our favorite top three elegant flooring options that we recommend and are most popular.


Hardwood floors are a very popular elegant flooring option. They look fantastic and they will go with any style and decor in any room of your house. With advancements in treatment, they won’t fade, stain, or need much maintenance.

There are various woods you can use and they can be stained or bleached to suit whatever style you like. They can be different in each room or uniform throughout the whole house.

Perfect for any room, hardwood floors are a timeless look that will never go out of style. Warm, classic, and easy to work around, hardwood flooring is just as popular as it ever was.

Ceramic Tile

Another popular elegant flooring option is ceramic tiles. They look great and are extremely durable, cost-effective, and can come in any color and design that you want.

Go as unique as you want, get tiles to match the counters and backsplash, and enjoy your tiles for many years. They are easy to repair or replace, won’t scratch, and are environmentally friendly, as well.

These tiles won’t get damaged by water and won’t leak. They are very easy to keep clean and they won’t fade, rot, burn, or allow insects and odors to get in. These are a very popular choice, often due to the endless choices of color, design, and style.

These are also a popular option if you want your floors to look like wood, marble, stone, or any other material, but at far less cost. Your possibilities are endless.


Another elegant flooring option is to go with vinyl. Once again, you have almost unlimited possibilities. Vinyl has come a long way over the years, it’s not the flooring of your grandma’s house.

It’s one of the most affordable selections, so you can get something different for every room in your home. You can get vinyl flooring to look like wood, stone, marble, or anything else you can dream of.

It goes in easily, is easy to maintain, and is very durable and resistant to water. It adds a layer of insulation that can make the floors seem softer and can help to keep the noise down.

Elegant Flooring Options

The best part of these three elegant flooring options is that you have choices. With ceramic and vinyl, you can get any style and the look of any other material at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, installation, and repairs, and damage that can happen to other materials like marble or stone. With these types of flooring options available, why would you spend more?

If you need help deciding what type of flooring you would like or have any questions, please contact us here at Karin Ross Designs. We can talk you through all your options and find the solution that will work best with your situation. Get the flooring you and your home have always dreamed of.