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Karin Ross Designs Featured as a StyleMaker in Kansas City Homes & Style 4th Annual StyleMaker Issue

Kansas City Homes & Style

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Karin Ross Designs is proud to be featured in this year’s Kansas City Homes & Style magazine as one of the top 17 StyleMakers for 2020.

Karin was interviewed by the Kansas City Homes & Style team during the selection process for 2020 StyleMakers. The following excerpt is from that interview and from the 2020 StyleMaker feature piece:

“Karin Ross has but one job: to find out what her clients want and then to deliver that to them correctly and without surprises. Sounds fairly conventional right? In theory, yes, but there is so much more to Ross than meets the eye.

“As owner of the award-winning design + build company Karin Ross Designs, specializing in kitchen and bath remodels for three decades, Ross has a strategic method of taking the client from point A to point Z: plan, prepare, order and install. From initial design to the final results, she oversees the entire project, tending to all of the details and putting the client’s mind at ease. As a result, she delivers a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience.

“A consummate professional, Ross intently and thoughtfully listens to the ideas of the client, provides her own insight, and designs a product with longevity in mind. Her expansive showroom in Lee’s Summit, Missouri is open to the public and is full of myriad samples from which to choose.

“A purveyor of timeless, elegant styles, Ross will incorporate certain trends of today within her designs, but does not immerse her innovations too heavily in the current style, preferring to layer just the right amount of modern and classic touches while leaving the main stage to the more eloquent and distinguished flavors of design for which she is known.

“‘I make sure everything is done correctly from the beginning,’ she emphasized. ‘I have to think of the look and the function of the space as well as take into consideration how it will stand the test of time. I want it to last. I need to fully understand what the client is looking for so I can pre-select items to avoid overwhelming them and to avoid mistakes.’

“Achieving the end result always brings great joy to the clients, as well as to Ross. As each project evidences, Ross is an undeniable expert at piecing all elements of design together in a way that captures the hearts of her clients. It is at the final reveal that clients ultimately understand the how and the why behind each step Ross incorporated.

“‘I enjoy the end result, as it looks like it always belonged there and the clients are ecstatic,’ she indicated. ‘I work with my heart and approach each project as a personal one. It’s your home, and I put myself in your shoes and will work out the bugs before you even know they exist.’

“During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Ross attends to health and safety measures with the same tenacity she does to her design + build projects. Wipe stations are provided throughout the showroom and cleaning measures are undertaken routinely during all hours of operation. Everyone wears masks and maintains the requisite six-foot social distancing protocols. Health, safety and comfort tare at top of mind for Ross when it comes to her clients.”

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Kansas City Homes & Style did a great job interviewing Karin and communicating what sets Karin Ross Designs apart as one of the best kitchen and bath remodeling companies in the Kansas City Metro area.

If you are considering a kitchen or bath remodel don’t hesitate to reach out and get started today. Don’t let your dreams wait another day!