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kansas city hardwood flooring

In 2018 we will see trends that will bring us a very strong flooring options.

Hardwood flooring is a top contender

Depending on the layer of luxury that you will choose will determine what type of flooring to look at, however 2018 brings good news to all types.

Hardwood flooring – using new technologies to create durable top coats and finishes the hardwood flooring is a top contender.

From rich darker stains to light bleached gray wood stains the hardwood brings a certain traditional richness to your space that no others can bring.

Hardwood flooring will be very strong in kitchens, living rooms and staircases.

Ceramic tile– in this category we have the option of going with the wood look or with tile that looks like stone or marble.

Either look you would like to achieve or compliment will be supported with so many options.

Follow “the story” that every tile texture or pattern will tell and play off from it for spectacular results.

If this sounds too complicated, don’t worry. Our team at Karin Ross Designs knows how to bring it all together for you for a spectacular reveal moment.

Vinyl flooring– we love to use the vinyl wood planks as a cost effective option but with design in mind.

Vinyl flooring has come a long wayand thanks to new technologies some vinyl flooring looks as rich and believable as wood or subway tile.

Easy to use in appropriate bathrooms and basements, we can help you determine if the vinyl flooring would be an option for the look you desire.