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wood mode cabinetry

Selecting the right cabinetry brand in Kansas City (or surrounding areas) for your upcoming remodeling project is a very important task however it can be fun as well. For the first time you can allow yourself to imagine the countless possibilities, to imagine how you want your dream kitchen to look!

With Karin Ross Designs you can go through the design process in converting your dreams into reality by exploring all the different options that we have available.

Kansas City Custom Cabinets & Cabinetry

With over 6 different cabinetry lines we carry, we have selected to carry something for everybody.

Creating your next “perfect” kitchen is a very personal and custom process and we take our time with every client we have. From the designer board to the installation we are there with you every step of the way.

Karin Ross Designs truly has something to offer even to the pickier client thanks to the diversity in features, wood species, door styles and finishes and of course diversity in price points.The kitchen cabinetry is not just the place to store all your stuff.

The cabinetry is the main item of your kitchen remodel. Some designers will refer to the cabinetry as the “jewel” others will refer as the “bread” of the remodeling project, but regardless how is called, the kitchen cabinets and the cabinetry layout are very important elements for the success of your kitchen remodel.

From making decisions about the door style of your kitchen cabinets to be, from selecting which organizing features you would want to have, to making it all work- your kitchen remodel will require your total attention.

You will also need a very good interior designer in Kansas City that has cabinetry knowledge but also field knowledge because it takes both types of knowledge to get you the best possible cabinet layout. If you decide to go with us, at Karin Ross Designs we know our brands and we know the “ins” and “outs” of how to get the best possible options from the brands we carry for your cabinetry and your cabinetry layout.

Another reason why your Kansas City kitchen cabinetry is so important is because the cabinetry is a long term investment. Let’s face it, the average kitchen remodel per household is 2-3 times during the span of your adult life.

Any kitchen remodel is expensive, some more some less depending of all the selections you have made, but the point is you are remodeling your kitchen now and next year you will not do so again.

Whatever you decide your budget is set to, sharing that with your interior designer is necessary as the job of your designer is to get you the best possible options for the budget you have.

Knowing what you like and need in your new kitchen, helps your designer to balance your likes and needs and transforming your new kitchen into “your dream kitchen” in your Kansas City home.

With the brands we offer, we are able to offer to our clients a Frameless and a Framed cabinet construction. Both cabinet construction have a good selection of door styles and colors to choose from.