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Pros & Cons of Natural Stone Countertops

natural stone countertops kansas city

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When planning a kitchen renovation, homeowners are faced with a challenge of choosing from the endless materials in the market. One of the most challenging decisions is to select a countertop that will align perfectly with your kitchen design and layout while at the same time still offering the ultimate durability. If you want to know more about natural stone countertops, this article will try to highlight their benefits as well as their drawbacks.



Every piece of natural stone comes with its authentic character and inherent beauty. No two slabs of soapstone, marble, or granite are the same. This means that by choosing one of the natural stones, you can create a unique countertop that you won’t find anywhere else. Since the stones come from different quarries from all over the globe, you can choose the region where you want your countertop to be sourced from.


Unlike countertops made from engineered materials, natural stones can stand the test of time and last for decades without losing their allure and beauty. Most of the stone countertops are stain, scratch, and heat resistant. Although they are still prone to accidents, stone countertops can withstand high traffic without showing signs of wear and tear.

Require Low Maintenance

When renovating your kitchen, you don’t want materials that will take more time to clean and maintain. With natural stone, your countertops will remain attractive and useful even with minimal maintenance care. You don’t need to worry about sanding, repairing, or refinishing natural stones as long as you adhere to the typical instructions, you will be good to go.


While most of the artificial countertops are easy to install and are affordable, they can be more costly in the future. This is because they may contain chemicals and elements that might release greenhouse gases. However, with natural stone countertops, you will buy something that hasn’t been interfered with by any human. Additionally, natural stones are easy to recycle and can be pre-treated or finished to avoid the release of any harmful gases.

Resale Value

Unlike engineered stones, natural stones boast top quality features that make them highly valuable for resale. If you are doing some renovations to sell your home, use natural stones during the remodel can increase the value of your home in manifolds more than any other material.



Since these stones are extracted in their natural form, they are cumbersome. Some of the stones call for structural reinforcements before during installation. Additionally, natural stones can be expensive to install and position correctly due to their bulkiness.

Differences in Color and Texture

Since stones are extracted naturally from different parts of the world, the piece you see in the showroom may not be the one you receive on the day you make the purchase. Conversely, the brightness, veining, allure, and color may vary from one stone slab to the next since they are cut from different surfaces and are not cut by the same person.

Natural Stones Have Radiation

Natural stones such as marble and granite come with three levels of radiation. Level A is the lowest and won’t have any effect when used indoors. However, if a stone has levels B and C of radiation, it can be dangerous to use indoors. Try and avoid natural stones that are bright in color since they are said to have higher radiation.

They are Not Affordable

Although natural stones are durable, long-lasting and eco-friendly, they are relatively expensive when compared to artificial materials and other engineered countertop materials. This means that they are only designed for the elite class. Despite their wide range of benefits, it isn’t very reassuring that not everybody can afford them.

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