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Karin Ross Designs presents Cambria and the movie “Legend of Cambria”

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Today we recognize the name of Cambria as a brand for one of the top line of quartz there is for countertops or quartz showers.

Karin Ross Designs itself is a proud dealer and authorized retailer for Cambria quartz.

Is very likely that you have heard of Cambria because you already installed Cambria quartz in your kitchen or bathroom or perhaps you are considering using Cambria in your upcoming kitchen or bathroom remodel.


cambria's latest design patterns
Cambria’s latest designs

Legend of Cambria

However the name of Cambria has history and it starts from the medieval period after the Anglo-Saxon settlement. Cambria is another name for Wales used by writers at the time to refer to the Celtic British territory.

Now we have the possibility to relieve the story thanks to the new movie “Legend of Cambria”.

Alexei Tylevich, which is the Director of the movie explained that he wanted to create a very unique movie in which he could show how different Cambria, the quartz manufacturer, is.

Cambria is like no others. Family owned company, Cambria truly cares about their product and they show that with the unique designs they offer at exceptional quality and value.

Cambria the quartz gives you an exceptional experience with their product so of course “Legend of Cambria” is created to bring to life a truly unique experience and bring to life the story of the Celtic British.


Cambria Seagrove quartz countertop
Cambria Seagrove used in this kitchen

To be part of the Cambria magic and therefore purchase Cambria quartz for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel, contact an authorize retailer like Karin Ross Designs.

We will be happy to help you learn why Cambria is different then others and why Cambria is the right decision for your countertop selection.