Focal points in Cabinetry for Spring 2018

In the latest trends in kitchen remodeling we have noticed the use of a warmer grey color for the kitchen cabinets. The finish on the cabinets is divided between sleek look or weathered look with aging details and the mix of both in the kitchen is fantastic. More glass doors with incorporated indirect lighting is […]

Cambria quartz countertops

Cambria is the brand to use for your quartz countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. But why? Cambria is the manufacturer of a quartz stone surface that is rated to be the best choice when it comes to countertops. Quartz is the hardest natural material and Cambria knows how to bring the best colors and […]

Karin Ross Designs presents Cambria and the movie “Legend of Cambria”

Today we recognize the name of Cambria as a brand for one of the top line of quartz there is for countertops or quartz showers. Karin Ross Designs itself is a proud dealer and authorized retailer for Cambria quartz. Is very likely that you have heard of Cambria because you already installed Cambria quartz in […]