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Should Your Bathroom Cabinets Match Your Kitchen Cabinets?

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Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen is an exciting endeavor in which the homeowner can reinvent how they enjoy their home. One of the most influential aspects of remodeling the kitchen or bathroom remodel is the cabinet choice. Cabinets are a major focal point as far as aesthetics are concerned, so it stands to reason that many homeowners would question if their kitchen and bathroom cabinets should match. 

Truthfully, one could find reasons for and against matching cabinets. The decision is ultimately up to the person doing the remodeling. Still, there are several key things that those planning a kitchen remodel kansas city should be aware of when they choose their cabinetry.  

The Principles of Design

The principles that govern good design are especially applicable to interior decorating. Some rules rise above the rest when one is focused on remodeling a kitchen or bathroom.

Balance and Symmetry

Balance refers to achieving equilibrium by arranging objects in a room based on their visual weight. Balance can be achieved by employing one of the three kinds of balance strategies, which are a symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance, and radial balance. 

Symmetrical Balance

A perfectly symmetrical kitchen design has high visual appeal as it’s both calming and satisfying to see. A kitchen that has the same size and shape cabinets on either side of a stove would be an example of symmetrical balance.

Asymmetrical Balance 

 Asymmetrical balance creates depth and visual interest and can be a more manageable approach to designing a bathroom, which typically has a toilet, sink, or tub one on the side of the room. Asymmetrical balance means one balances the objects in a room by their overall visual weight, rather than their shape, size, or texture. For example, one could balance a claw-foot tub on one side of the bathroom with modern square cabinetry of equal proportions on the opposite side of the room. 

Radial Balance

Radial balance employs the use of a focal point from which all other design features in a room radiate. For example, a kitchen can have island cabinets as their focal point, and all other cabinetry, appliances, and light fixtures center around that island.

Size and Proportions

The principles of size and proportion as they apply to kitchen remodeling refer to matching the volume of design elements to the size of the room. For example, a prominent island cabinet would not fit well into a long and narrow kitchen space. However, when remodeling a compact space, one can consider raising the ceilings and installing tall cabinets that make one feel as if the room is bigger and provide more storage space.

Focal Points

Focal points are the showcase of a room, and the rest of the furniture, decorations, and cabinets complement and accent that point. In a bathroom, this could be an attractive vanity with a large mirror. In a kitchen, this could be cabinets with windows that allow one to display dinnerware sets that match their kitchen aesthetic. 

To Match or Not to Match?

Now that the basics of design as they apply to kitchen and bathroom remodeling are established, it is time to address whether one should match their cabinets across the two rooms. Many factors influence the decision, and so it is essential to be thorough in one’s planning. Below is a list of things to consider when designing a remodel.

Consider the Space

A critical consideration for kitchen and bathroom remodeling is the available space for fixtures and furniture. Additionally, one should keep in mind how they want to use that space. If the homeowner is an avid baker and wants a large cooktop range and oven, that changes the size and shape of the cabinets surrounding the appliances. However, if the homeowner’s kitchen would feel cramped and uncomfortable with such large appliances, they may need to make some sacrifices to create a well-designed space. 

Once the homeowner decides on appropriate cabinetry for their kitchen, the decision to match them to the bathroom decor is easier. One should consider the bathroom’s proximity to the kitchen first. If they are close to one another, it may create a better sense of cohesiveness throughout the house if they match. However, if they’re on entirely different floors, it may not be necessary to do so.

Decide on a Budget

Regardless of the reason, kitchen remodeling kansas city is a costly project. One must decide on a budget before purchasing any materials, as that affects the options available to them. Often, homeowners choose to match the cabinets throughout their home because it is less expensive to purchase a larger quantity of the same kind of cabinet. A set budget allows the homeowner to decide if matching their cabinets is their best option or if they have the wiggle room to explore more eccentric designs. 

Get Inspired

One of the most fun aspects of planning a kitchen and bathroom remodel is browsing the internet or magazines for design inspiration. If a homeowner faces a specific design challenge, such as working with an oddly shaped bathroom or a compact kitchen, they may be able to find attractive styles that fit their budget and their space through an appropriately worded internet search. However, it is critical to remember the function of the cabinets in one’s home. While some designs may be attractive, if they aren’t practical, then they aren’t going to be a welcoming space to live. 

Start Designing Now

A well-designed and aesthetically pleasing living space can give a homeowner a sense of peace, relaxation, and joy. Matching the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom is a crucial factor in the design process that has the potential to change the appeal of one’s living space. There is no straightforward answer to whether one should do it. The decision depends mainly on their personal style and budget. This guide helps homeowners decide what the best choice for them is. Click here to find more information on how to create one’s dream living space.