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Hot Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Your Home

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Are you looking for a new and affordable way to elevate the look of your kitchen? If so – think paint! Painting your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen an entirely new look and take the dull and drab to the fabulous and spectacular.

Regardless of if you prefer a bold, standout shade or a crisp neutral look, you are sure to find something on the list here that will work well with your kitchen.

Cool Mint

Do you have a kitchen that features a lot of white features? If so, choosing a light green, such as cool mint, can help to soften the hardworking edges. Also, it will reflect off some of the shiny white surfaces of appliances or tile that may be in place. What’s even better is the amazing style it adds to the space, bringing equal parts of vintage and modern.

Warm Gray

According to Pinterest, warm gray is the “next big color trend.” The fact is, the most popular and used gray colors have soft blue undertones. This helps to cast a somewhat fresher and moodier hue than the other gray shades available today.

Classic Blue

Are you ready to bring some of that coastal comfort into your home and kitchen? If so, then choosing a classic, ocean-blue for your cabinets can help you achieve the desired look. Consider contrasting this blue with concrete counters and white shiplap siding, and the blue will take center stage without making your kitchen feel overwhelming.

Deep Green

The deep forest green tones are a great way to create a moody, sexy vibe in your kitchen in the evening. If you are one of those people who spend more time in your kitchen after dark, then you can spice the space up with dark blue-green paint. Add brass fixtures and marble countertops for a completed look you will love spending time in.

Orange Zest

Are you looking for something a bit bolder for your kitchen cabinets? If so, you’ll be happy to know the bright, bold orange popular for counters in the ‘70s has returned. Adding a bold orange cabinet to your kitchen will provide a wonderful contrast for black appliances and countertops, but it can really work with almost any color palate you have in your kitchen. From muted gray to charcoal, you will find the juicy citrus hue really helps your kitchen space “pop.”

Paint Quality Matters

Something you need to understand is that the quality of the paint you use matters. You need to make sure you opt for higher quality paint for your kitchen – especially around appliances that heat up and moisture. This will help ensure your newly painted cabinets remaining looking great year after year.

If you are considering updating your kitchen, be sure to consider the paint colors for your cabinets found here. Each one offers something unique and will help you create a space you love to spend time in. You can also work with the professionals to learn more about updating the look of your cabinets.