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Should You Renovate Before Selling Your Kansas City Home?

Renovate Before Selling

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Many clients ask us if they should renovate before selling their homes in Kansas City. While there are many market factors that determine this, renovation projects are a great idea for making your house much more attractive to potential buyers. We’d like to cover some compelling reasons to consider renovation projects prior to selling.

Factors that Determine Whether You Should Renovate Before Selling

You’ll want to ask yourself a few questions regarding your selling timeline and purpose for remodeling. When you say you intend to sell your home, how soon do you want to do that? If the answer is “immediately,” then obviously a remodeling project may not be in the equation.

However, if you’re flexible with your time frame, you’ll have more options. It’s possible to do a few renovations, enjoy them for a while, then put your house on the market at a high price after several pet projects. Granted, this implies you have the budget to handle it, or at least have access to reasonable credit options that won’t strain your finances.

There are two types of homes on the market these days: 1) Move-In Ready, and 2) Sold As Is. The former involves homes that are completely up-to-date on modern fixtures and don’t suffer from extensive damages. These are the homes where owners did renovations and sold them at a much higher price, whereas the latter option might be much harder to sell.

Location Matters

It also helps to know more about your location. While some market analysts are predicting a tightening housing market, that may not apply to certain places. For the time being, Kansas City is a steady seller’s market contrasted with other places like New York, California, and other places.

If that holds true, then you should still benefit from renovating your home prior to selling and enjoy more seller options.

Don’t Renovate By Yourself

Yes, you can do some minor renovation tasks through the DIY method, but that only goes so far. It’s a better idea to hire a designer when you renovate to sell. There are numerous reasons, but the chief advantage is leveraging the designer’s knowledge of popular features and trends in the area.

Remember, if you’re trying to sell at some point, your goal is to discover what others in the community like. It’s kind of similar to hiring a real estate agent who knows the lay of the land as well as what people like most.

Best Areas to Renovate

There are several locations around your home that you should consider for remodeling.

  • Bathrooms
    These are great to do when you want to keep your home, but if you need to improve a heavily damaged bathroom, it’s also worth the effort. You can recover 57-64% of the renovation costs just by virtue of the added value you get from remodeling it.
  • Kitchens
    Kitchen remodeling is always a smart and cost-effective way to add value. Many institutional investors know this and spend lots of time addressing outdated countertops, cabinets, and other fixtures.
  • Floors
    Even renovating the floors can really help resale value. When potential home buyers sift through listings on Zillow or RedFin, the first things they check on are the pictures. Most times, pictures of bad floors immediately repel them from your home listing.

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