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The Typical Stages of a Bathroom Remodel

stages of a bathroom remodel

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When looking into renovations, you want to consider the stages of a bathroom remodel before beginning the project. By knowing what is likely to come, you can prepare your home for renovation and your mind for all the change that will occur.

Bathroom Renovation Timeline

First and foremost, let’s look at how long a bathroom renovation takes to complete.

Professional bathroom remodeling usually takes one to four months to complete. The duration is purely based on the size of the bathroom and how in-depth the remodel is.

First and Foremost

There are around eight steps to a bathroom renovation, but this number changes depending on your bathroom remodel specificities.

1. Planning and Pre-Demolition

Before destroying your bathroom, you need to budget for what you can afford for this remodel.

From this budget, you can then begin planning out your renovation. When choosing new vanity tops, flooring, lighting, sinks, backsplashes, showers, mirrors, and anything else you want to renovate, ensure these items do not exceed your budget.

When planning your remodel, make a checklist of what you need to include, what you want to have, and what you could do with or without.

Find reliable contractors, ask for their estimates, and compare all the estimates and your discussions with the contractors.

Stages of a Bathroom Remodel

2. Demolition

You will likely need to demolish the old to install the new with any renovation. Whether you do this yourself or have a trained team, you must remove old structures and fixtures like toilets and flooring. Demolition usually takes one to two days to complete.

3. Framing, Electrical, and Plumbing

After demolition and a pre-inspection from the city, the first step will be to install new electrical wiring, pipes, and frames.

Installing new frames takes two to four days to finish, and installing new electrical wiring and plumbing takes four to ten days.

4. Drywall and Insulation

After the groundwork, permits, and licenses have been secured, the contractor will add the insulation and drywall to the bathroom. Hanging drywall and insulation will be more energy efficient and cover the electrical and plumbing systems.

This step can take one to two days to complete.

5. Flooring and Tile works

After the drywall has been hung, the professionals will add the necessary materials to the walls, floor, backsplash, and countertop. A professional contractor will ensure the tiles have the proper elevation, installation, and grout sealing techniques for the project.

Installing tiles can take three to seven days to complete, and if painting is needed, then this takes two to five days.

6. New Shower Trims, Sink, Toilet, or Tub Refinishing

Whether fixing previous items or upgrading to achieve better functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, this is the time to add these items to the bathroom. Knowing whether you want a tub or shower in your bathroom is half the battle.

Adding in these items can take two to four days to finish.

7. Vanity Tops and Cabinets

You can update or upgrade your vanity tops and cabinets like in step six. Either way, these items will be added to the bathroom after the more significant items have been installed.

The vanity tops can take three to five days to complete, and the cabinetry can take one to two days to install.

8. Final Inspection

You will be called to check out each item in the bathroom renovation for the final inspection. This is when you can say if anything needs to be modified. If everything is to your liking, then your bathroom renovation is now complete.

Final inspection with adjustments can take two to four days unless everything is perfect upon the first final inspection.

I Want to Know the Stages of a Bathroom Remodel Specific to Me

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