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The Hottest Design Trends for a Luxury Bathroom

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Design trends for a luxury bathroom don’t change a lot. Ideally, if you are looking to remodel your bathroom, check out the trends but make it your own. Showroom bathrooms look great, but they are not always practicable.

Find a few new designs you like and incorporate them with your own taste and style. You don’t need to make a lot of changes to have the luxury bathroom you have always wanted.

The Hottest Design Trends for a Luxury Bathroom

Design trends for a luxury bathroom are more popular than ever this year, as many people have spent so much time at home.


If you are tired of looking at all-white or off-white, add some color. Add a lot of colors. You can choose a bright bold color for your sink, tub, and toilet and use contrasting or slightly darker or lighter colors for tiles, paint, and accessories.

Don’t be afraid of getting bold with your color choices. There is so much you can do to highlight a few choice pieces with great wallpaper, lights, and other accessories like towels and curtains.


Another design trend for a luxury bathroom is a fluted design or ribbed pattern. This can be created by using ribbed tiles, and wood paneling. You can find fluted designs in basins and other accessories, like glasses or vases.

Textures can add a great feel to your bathroom and it gives it a feel of more space. Visually appealing, it can also draw attention away from other areas you have trouble with.

Great Cabinets

Great cabinets can not only look great but they add so much more storage space. You can go with integrated cabinets that don’t look like there are any cabinets at all for a clean sleek look.

Often these are touch releases so they seem like they are all part of the room. They can be subtle in color or design or go bold with color and design to make them look great, but still not look like cabinets.

You can also go for separate pieces if you have the room. Great antique chests of drawers, sideboards, or cabinets that are built-in to look and function as they are meant to.


While tiles will always be in, design trends for a luxury bathroom are getting bigger and bolder. Tiles can be made to look like almost anything, and any design, shape, or color.

Big tiles are popular, and so are colorful tiles. People are also going for tiles of irregular shapes to add a bit of fun and texture to the bathroom. Two-tomes subway tiles will never be out of style.


Lights are a necessity in your bathroom, and you need more than just an overhead light. You need lights to use the mirror and other functions in the bathroom, but you also need mood lights.

People often opt for small subtle lights for that calming evening bath, a big bold chandelier to really set the place ablaze, and working lights to shave and get ready for your day.

The Hottest Design Trends for a Luxury Bathroom

If you need more ideas, why not consult the professionals at Karin Ross Designs. Let them know your ideas for your dream bathroom and they can help you have it. They can take your idea and help you find the perfect bathroom.

Get a few ideas together from your own research and then incorporate them into the luxury bathroom that you have always wanted. Your dream bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s not out of reach.