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Perfect Colors and Details for a Tranquil Kansas City Bathroom Renovation

Kansas City Bathroom Renovation

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Are you thinking about a Kansas City bathroom renovation? Our bathrooms are often a place where we can go to relax. There is nothing like a warm bath after a long day to help you forget about all your worries.

That’s why it is important that you find colors that help you relax and unwind. If you are thinking about renovating your Kansas City bathroom, here are a few colors and designs that can help transform your space.

Kansas City Bathroom Renovations

There are certain colors that naturally help us to relax. Often natural colors that represent nature, they can go well with complementary colors or with something a shade darker or lighter.


Taupe is an excellent choice for your bathroom. It is neutral but warm. There are several different shades of taupe, so many use a darker shade for trim and accents in the room.

You could also use various shades of brown as trim or with accessories, like towels, drapes, and shower curtains, and bath mats. You could also go with oranges, yellows, and shades of purple to highlight and accent.

Light Blue

Using shades of blues in your Kansas City bathroom renovation can ease you into the mindset of open skies and deep blue oceans. Blue can be cool and warm all at the same time.

Use darker blues for trim and accessories and think about white tiles and floors, as skies with fluffy white clouds. It works with darker blues, mauves, greens, and yellows.

Light Green

Greens are very soothing and remind of nature. There are so many different shades of green to choose from and use for accents and trim. Mints, jades, and sages.

You can add accessories in darker shades of green or go with other natural colors like browns, tans, taupe, yellow, and other earth tones. You could also use greys in various shades for tiles, floors, and even sinks and tubs.


Light pink can be very soothing for a bathroom. There are plenty of different shades that won’t be overpowering and loud. The paler the main walls and larger areas, the darker you can go with trim and accents.

Think about grey, black, red, white, all the shades of purples, and even blues will go very well in a pink bathroom. Accent with towels, tiles, curtains, and all the other accessories that bring your bathroom together.

Other Ideas for Your Kansas City Bathroom Renovation

There is more than just color that brings peace to your new bathroom, however, color is a big one. The right colors can give your bathroom a complete spa-like feel.

Lighting will also help make your bathroom more tranquil. Having some of the lights on a dimmer will help you turn down the lights and relax that much more.

Under-cabinet lights can bring a nice feel to the room as well. They are much softer and if used alone, give a soft, quiet feel to the bathroom.

Pendant lights hanging down also make the room softer. If they are on a dimmer, they can also have the sense of floating.

Wall sconces are great for doing your makeup or shaving, but also nice for a softer feel of some harsh overhead lighting. Use a low wattage bulb for ambiance.

Bathroom Renovations

When you are thinking about your Kansas City bathroom renovation, think about Karin Ross Designs. We all want that perfect space to simply close the door to the world and relax in our tranquil bathroom and enjoy the peace and quiet.