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Must-Haves for Your Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Project

luxury bathroom remodeling

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Are you considering a luxury bathroom remodeling project? Our bathrooms are a very personal space and they should be luxurious. Very often, it’s a place where we can go in, shut the door and soak our troubles away in a nice warm bath.

The surroundings should also reflect that peace and relaxation. You can make your bathroom look luxurious without breaking the bank. There are a few simple things you can add to take your bathroom to the next level.

Must-Haves for Your Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Project

Just a few simple extras can really make a big difference in your bathroom when you are remodeling.

Double Sinks

This is definitely a must-have for your luxury bathroom remodeling project. Trying to get ready in the morning or at night when you share the space with someone else can be frustrating.

It will save time and often, the marriage when you both have your own space and sink to groom the way you need without someone spitting toothpaste or dropping whiskers on your arm.

Luxury Bathtub

A big soaker tub is a great addition to any luxury bathroom remodeling project. These are great for just allowing you to soak away all the stresses of the day.

Very often they are big enough to share if you are so inclined. Either way, they look gorgeous in the bathroom and you can submerge all of your tired limbs, light a candle and forget about your long day.

Upgrade the Shower

Think about a glass shower enclosure, and make it big enough for two. You can add a bench in it for sitting while you are in there, special lights, and a massaging showerhead.

The luxury shower can make the room look bigger, especially if you don’t have room for a tub. The shower can have beautiful tile, wood, or ceramic and make the room look great while serving a great purpose.

Heated Flooring

We’ve all done that ice-cold dance across the cold bathroom tiles in the middle of the night. Or, getting out of your warm bath just to step in those cold tiles. There are a few options available for in-floor heating.

If you are doing a luxury bathroom remodeling, that’s the perfect time to put in heated floors. Talk to your contractor about what will work best for your situation.


No one wants to see themselves in harsh lighting. Plus, first thing in the morning, you want to ease your way into the day. Think about the different types of lighting you would like.

Lights on a dimmer are great for all times and all the needs you have in the bathroom. Lights around the mirror, wall sconces, and even under the counter lighting to really set the mood.


No one needs all their toiletries spread throughout the bathroom. Consider under sink storage, cabinets, or other creative ways to use the limited space for storage.

Cupboards with drawers, shelving, or linen closets will allow you to have everything you need when in the bathroom without having it stacked up or on display.

Must-Haves for Your Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Project

Of course, what you get will largely depend on your budget and the space you have to work with. Even small bathrooms can become luxurious with the right designer and contractor.

Contact Karin Ross Designs if you are thinking about a luxury bathroom remodeling job. They can help guide you in the right direction, show you the options available for your space, and make sure you get exactly what you want in a luxurious bathroom.