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Luxury Master Bathroom Floor and Lighting Considerations

Luxury Master Bathroom Floor and Lighting Considerations

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Everyone has a different idea of what makes a luxury master bathroom. If you are looking to remodel or plan your new bathroom, there are a few things that can really make it special.

We use our bathrooms a lot and it should always be a pleasure. A luxury bathroom should be personal, yet functional. Just adding a few new features and some great lighting can make your bathroom seem brand new.

Luxury Master Bathroom Floor and Lighting Considerations

You don’t need to spend a fortune to create the perfect luxury master bathroom. Pick out a few of your favorite must-haves and build around those.

Double Sinks

One of the best ways to give yourself more room and privacy is to put in double sinks. It can be enough to have to share a bathroom with your partner, so why not give you both a little personal space.

That way, as you both get ready for bed or for work at the same time, you are not crowded or waiting for your turn at the sink. With an extended vanity, you can both have your personal items close at hand.

Separate Shower and Bath

Having the shower and the bathtub separate makes it more personal and it gives you options. A freestanding shower stall with glass enclosures gives a sense of luxury and class.

If you add some lights right inside the shower stall, it can be a warm and welcoming place to start or end your day. Have them on a dimmer or use low-wattage bulbs. Colored lights are also a nice idea.

Luxury Master Bathroom Floor and Lighting Considerations: Extra Large Tub

A tub for two is a lovely way to end the day or spend a few special moments with your partner. With some candles or low lighting, it can set the mood and help you both relax at the end of the day.

A large tub is a luxury that everyone would love. We use our showers daily, so the bath is a luxury that we can all really enjoy, whether on our own or with our partner.


One thing that every luxury master bathroom needs are more storage. If you have to keep towels, soap, and other items stored outside of the bathroom, it’s hardly convenient.

Custom-made vanities, walk-in closets, and other integrated storage areas must for your bathroom. For smaller spaces, consider going higher up to utilize all the space available.

Add More Light

One bright bulb in the middle of the ceiling just doesn’t cut it any longer. You need to have choices when it comes to lighting for your luxury master bathroom.

You need task lighting, so lights around the mirrors are a must. The lights should be on both sides of the mirror so you can see your face clearly. You don’t want them too bright, but not too dark, either. Perhaps a dimmer control would suit.

You should have a central light, the one you use when you enter the room. People are opting for luxury lighting fixtures for their master bathrooms, like ornate chandeliers.

You can also think about lights under the vanity that gives you a little extra light. Small low lights that act as soft mood lighting or like nightlights for those middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.

Luxury Master Bathroom

If you need more information or have some ideas you want to share, contact us here today at Karin Ross Designs. We can take your master bathroom to new levels of luxury and give you the bathroom you deserve.