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How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Bathroom

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Whether you have renovated your bathroom or you just want to spruce it up a bit, new paint color can make it all feel brand new. Choosing the right color should take some time, as you want to find something just right.

Different colors bring out different feelings and emotions for us. Pick some of your favorite colors and mix and match them with other colors to see if that is what you want your bathroom to say.

What Colors Work Best

There is no hard and fast rule regarding what paint color your bathroom should be. It’s your bathroom and it should reflect you and your personality.


White paint is clean and fresh and can add a feeling of space, as well. It works well if your fixtures are also white, to bring it all home. It works very well if your tub and other fixtures are deeper or bold colors.

White is ideal for adding several different colors with accessories. Towels, lights, curtains and more. If you have white fixtures, it can really flow nicely and it will help showcase your accent colors.

Bright white or off white can work very well. A softer white or cream color is more warming and calming. It is easy to decorate around these colors.


Soft pink is warm and inviting. You can find many complementary colors to go with soft pink, like white, green, black or whatever you like. Pink has a warming feeling and gives the space a nice soft glow.

Light Grey

Walls painted with light grey are soft and warm. The soft color brings forward many of the other colors you have in the room, from fixtures to artwork and other accessories.

It isn’t overpowering and it makes you feel calm and cool. If you have grey in other areas, like marble countertops or floors, it can really bring that out. You can add accents of black, blue, green and white.


Blue is very soothing, as well. Depending on which blue you choose, it can feel like water. Cool and comforting. With light blue paint, you can add darker blue accents.

Blue can evoke the feeling of floating in the sea or relaxing at your favorite spa. If you have a special tub it will be like visiting your very own spa every day.


Various greens are also very welcoming. They give the feeling of nature, clean and refreshing. Like nature, it calms you and gives the room space and an airy feel.

Greens can be accented with other shades of green for a cool layering of Mother Nature. Darker towels, soft lighting and cream-colored tub and sink will make it a very calming space.


Cheerful and bright like a sunny day, yellow is bold and fun. Add some other complementary colors, like white, red or even greens and blues. It’s an ideal color for those who need a little pep in the morning to get them moving.

Your Choice

Just because something is ‘hot right now’ doesn’t mean you have to have it. It’s your bathroom and it should be whatever you want it to be. Traditional colors can be mixed with other colors to create a fantastic space.

Check out all the colors you love. Use swatches and look at them in the bathroom in the day, in the evening and in the afternoon. Don’t be afraid to use some imagination and get creative.

Unlike a tub or closet, paint can be covered up if you don’t like it. But find what colors you like and go a little mad. It’s your bathroom renovation, do what you love.

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