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A Guide to Bathroom Lighting

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Is there anything worse than trying to get yourself ready in the morning than harsh, blinding lights in the bathroom? Maybe they are so dull you can’t see the place you need to shave to apply your makeup. Great bathroom lighting can do more than just help you get ready. It can actually set your mood. Whether it is first thing in the morning or a relaxing bath at night, the lighting is key.

Your Guide to Bathroom Lighting

If you are having a renovation done in your bathroom, that is a great time to consider upgrading your lighting. Your electrician can exam the state of your wiring and make recommendations for other lighting or improvements.

Just replacing your old, harsh lighting in the bathroom can give it a whole new feel. We spend a lot of time in our bathroom, it should be as enjoyable as possible.

Why Bathroom Lighting Matters

We use our bathrooms all the time. We spend a great deal of our time in the bathroom. Bathing, grooming, shaving, dressing, and even as a way to get away from it all for a few minutes.

Layered lighting is a great idea for bathrooms because of the various activities and tasks we perform in there every day. With LED lights and varieties in color, heating lamps, and different wattages, your possibilities are endless.

You can have a combination of brighter lights for one task, dimmers for the lights around the tub or shower, and heating lamps for those cold winter mornings.

Placement of the lights is important. You don’t want it too bright or too dim, you want to avoid harsh, unflattering lights above the mirror that cause glare or shadows, safety is also a concern.

Ceiling Lights

The ceiling lights serve as the ambient light. This takes the place of natural light when it is dark or you don’t have a window. You want this light to fill the room, be strong enough to see everything but not too harsh or blinding.

Depending on the size and style of your bathroom, you can have recessed lighting fixtures or something much more elaborate, like a chandelier. Track lighting can also work.

Wall Lights

These can be smaller lights, attached to a dimmer, or with lower wattages of bulbs. They can be used for relaxing baths or to add light in places that don’t get much, like a dark corner or even inside a shower stall.

You can choose colored lights for a warmer effect, place them lower or higher than objects in the bathroom, and have them operate separately from the other lights in the bathroom.

Task Lights

Task lights may be much smaller but brighter. You will want these around the vanity for getting ready in the morning, reading, or other needs for grooming. These can be wall sconces or even a light that is on an adjustable stem to keep it mobile.

You can put these types of lights around the tub or shower, as well. People light to read in the tub, partake in personal grooming, or just like adjustable lights for relaxing.

Karin Ross Designs

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Why not make an appointment to start finding your dream bathroom. They can find the perfect lighting fixtures for your bathroom, regardless of its size. They will be with you from the initial plan all the way through to the finished project.