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Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Are you ready to decorate or design your bathroom? If so, there’s no question it can be quite exciting. However, you should not let all this excitement “go to your head.” You need to think clearly, or you may wind up making some mistakes that you are going to regret down the road. If you want to ensure that you create a bathroom that is comfortable, beautiful and functional, then be sure you avoid the all-too-common bathroom design mistakes listed here.

Using Colored Bathroom Furniture

There is no reason excuse for bathroom suites being any other color than white. While you may be tempted to choose a different neutral color – such as gray or beige – remember, these aren’t going to age well with your home. If you choose one of these colors, they will not provide the white canvas needed for redecorating, nor will they be attractive to a future buyer if you ever decide to sell your home.


This is a mistake that should be obvious, but just in case, remember, bathrooms are humid and damp. As a result, carpeting – even large rugs – can become really unsanitary. After all, these are going to soak up any moisture present. If you want plush flooring in your bathroom, then choose to use a thicker, bathroom specific mat.

Cheaper Vinyl Flooring

When you are trying to redecorate your bathroom, there’s no question that budget is going to be an important consideration. However, you should not try to save money by cutting corners on the flooring if you really want it to last. There are more than a few options to consider when it comes to affordable tile. Don’t be willing to cheapen the new bathroom you have created with an ugly linoleum that will just have to be replaced in a few years.

Improper Storage

If you don’t add enough storage to your bathroom design, then there’s a good chance that your grooming and health products are going to be out where everyone can see them. Not only does this make your space seem cluttered, but it can also remove the element of privacy.

Instead, try to add in a few discreet cupboards where you can put your personal items and medicines. If you do opt to put anything out in the open, make sure it is only your best soaps or perfumes that have pretty, décor-worthy bottles.

No Ventilation

If you can’t get rid of the steam or the moisture in your bathroom, regardless of how modern the décor is, it’s going to be hard to keep up. Try to think about the number of windows that are in the roof and think about how important a quality extractor fan really is. Heating will also help these drops of water in the space dry much faster.

If you need more ideas for your bathroom, or just want to ensure you aren’t making mistakes, then it may be a good idea to reach out to the professionals to help with this project.