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6 Factors that Affect the Cost of a Kansas City Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Kansas City Luxury Bathroom Remodel

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Cost is one of -if not the most- crucial factors to consider when beginning your Kansas City luxury bathroom remodel. Going over budget may mean that you will have to delay, or postpone the remodeling process, while going under budget may have you using low-quality materials and/or labor. In either scenario, your luxury bathroom will not appear as you imagined it would, leaving you dissatisfied.

With a proper accounting of costs going into your remodeling project, you can find several ways to manifest your dream bathroom. Budget within your ability, and with the help of expert consultants, you’ll be able to bring out the best of what your luxury bathroom could be. Some factors to consider that affect the cost of your remodel include:

The Cost of a Kansas City Luxury Bathroom Remodel: Choice of Tiles

Whether for the wall or floor, tiles come in a variety of shapes, surface textures, weight, and colors. This diversity provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to cost, thanks to their wide availability from different suppliers in the market. The area you choose to cover with tiles will also affect the cost, as it is proportional to the number of tiles to buy.

Lighting Fixtures

The type and number of light fixtures you decide to use will also affect cost. They come in a variety of styles, from distinguished and hanging overhead to subtly placed into the walls. Their function should also be considered, such as using them for grooming or providing ambient light to set moods during your baths. It is advisable to be aware of where the electric cabling is, as extending or cutting wiring will also affect how much your luxury bathroom remodel will cost.

The Cost of a Kansas City Luxury Bathroom Remodel: Cabinet Storage

Plan for longevity when it comes to storage. Sure, you may find cheaper material to make your cabinets looks good, but the tradeoff comes in when they start wearing out, and a new layer of paint may not always be enough to compensate. The size you want your cabinets to be will also affect the cost, and bigger may not always be more expensive. Work your budget around what you want the cabinets to hold, without being afraid to diversify their sizes according to function.

Luxury Bathroom Countertops

The type of countertop you choose will have a major impact on the appearance of your bathroom, as they are both exposed surfaces and reflective. You can set their colors to contrast or match with the rest of the room, with the material they’re made of adding extra depth. All these criteria will affect how much the countertops cost, but gratefully the best countertop suppliers can customize these surfaces according to your needs.

The Cost of a Kansas City Luxury Bathroom Remodel: Pipes and Plumbing

These are the arteries and veins of the bathroom, and without them, bathrooms wouldn’t be able to serve their purposes. As such, when considering an overhaul of the plumbing system, it would be inadvisable to pinch pennies. Substandard materials break down much faster and low-cost labor puts you at risk of incurring major expenses in repair.

The Floor

Techy trends are taking over, offering up more variety when it comes to customizing your floors. Heated floors maintain a warm, comfortable feeling when you step out from the shower or bath, and wooden floors infused with scents slowly release their fragrance while muffling sounds. These may be options on the upper end, but more cost-friendly variants are available. Wise budgeting would be a prudent move for selecting the type of floor to make for your luxury bathroom.

Remodeling your luxury bathroom will not be a stressful activity, especially when you draw up a budget to fit your needs, which is most often a major cause for concern. If you are looking for reputable and creative designers and consultants for where to start, you can reach us here, and let us know how to bring that touch of decadence into your bathroom.