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6 Reasons to Have Your Basement Finished this Fall

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There is nothing so unappealing than an unfinished basement. It’s dark, damp, chilly, smelly, and honestly, a waste of a great space. Finishing off your basement has plenty of benefits.

Extra Space

When you have a large space with the entire floor space as the rest of your home, why wouldn’t you make the most of it?

Adding an extra bathroom is one of the best reasons. We can always use an extra bathroom especially if there are several people living together. If you have teenagers, then you will understand.

Add a bedroom for guests, or make it a craft or sewing room. Put in a games room, a wet bar, and a nice den plus a fireplace, and you now have several places people can go to find their own space.

Adds Resale Value

A finished basement gives the home a comfortable feeling of being loved and lived in. it shows potential buyers that you cared for the home, took the time to invest in it, and made great use of the space.

It is a great investment in your home and is a huge selling point for many people. You can recoup a great deal of that investment in resale value.

Saves Money

When you complete the basement, you need things to be sealed, the floors and windows are covered and you will likely add plumbing. With extra carpets, a fireplace or wood-burning stove, and plenty of furniture, it costs much less to heat the space.

Extra Suite

You can build a complete apartment or suite in your basement. It might be nice for your college-aged child to live at home without living ‘at home’. Perhaps you have an elderly parent that you want to have close by.

Depending on where you live and permits, you can use it for extra income by renting out a great little suite. This can help someone out who is struggling and helps you out, as well.

Get Creative

You can use this space for anything you want. Home gym, home office, home movie theatre, extra store, or workroom. Maybe you run your own business, you can set up shop in the basement, complete with everything you need to work from home.

Often times, in large, noisy families, people like a place to get away and relax. A den a library, an office, or all of the above. And who hasn’t had a family argument about who gets to watch what on television?

Feel Better About Your Home

If the only reason you go to the basement is for laundry or to grab something out of the freezer, then you need to consider finishing your basement. The potential is only limited by your imagination.

Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of all that space? You can fix it up to be anything you need it to be. Everyone can use more space. There it is, this large empty space, just waiting to be filled with love and beautiful things.

Just having that extra space gives you the peace of mind that you can put up family and friends, expand your kitchen or get that wet bar you have always dreamed of.

Talk to Your Contractor

Hopefully these ideas of what you could do to liven up your basement will help. It has much potential and we here at Karin Ross Designs have plenty of ideas.

Contact us with your ideas and we will be happy to work with you right from the first concept until the finishing touches are done, and beyond.